Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brand New Word

OK, a fiend of mine and I were talking nonsense, which is not unusual, when I came up with a nice, new word. Now THAT is unusual, because he's the smart one, I am the one who does pratfalls.

The word is "SPONTENACITY", defined as "committed to having no plan". He added, "an assiduous lack of focus".

Not much, but you should be seeing this word working its way into the vernacular.

Please, if you have any other words that are hybrids, and that actually
work, I implore you, add them in the comments.


aA said...

yes, i MEANT to type "FIEND" in the first line.

Reb. said...

well, so now i know how you really spend your time, my friend!

how about, melodorous? that was your input, so the credit must go to you.

Rob V. said...

I once coined a new word, but still do not know if it has been included in any authoritative dictionaries -- "Conpinion." It's a blend of 2 words: conviction and opinion. A conpinion carries more significance than a mere opinion because it's an opinion based on a conviction, which is a firm belief. For example, I'm of the firm conpinion that dogs are better pets than cats. That's my own personal opinion, but it's also based on a firm conviction; hence the hybrid word "conpinion."
Incidentally, I like your definition of "spontenacity" as "committed to having no plan." I would personally add a second possible definition: "the tendency to tenaciously refuse to take life very seriously." Another possible definition: "Stubbornly insisting on having fun and good times no matter what the circumstances are." Those variations are derived from the blending of 2 words: spontaneous and tenacity.

aA said...

Leave it to Rob to come up with great words. All he needs is 26 letters, a handful of punctuation and unlimited spaces!