Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dave Barry is really funny

Dave Barry is a really funny guy. A clever and smart-alecky writer who is one of the inspirations for me and the semi-smart-alecky blog you are reading. Or are pretending to read. And not commenting on. Apparently. Which I wish would stop. Not the "reading" part, the "not commenting" part.

I have had a couple of conversations today, oddly enough, concerning words and their proper and popular uses. Sometimes not the same thing. I have spoken/written of this before.

Read Dave Barry's column about "Mr. Language Person". You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats.


Falcon said...

The discourse that you alludicated to as the area of interest in your blog was quite mirthful.

You have chosen a laudable mentor.

aA said...

Falcon: you are truly eloquent for an insane person. your vocabulariation is commendifiable. you have my admirationableness.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are internationally Funny.

Rob V. said...

I am only leaving this comment because you said that you wished that the not commenting would stop. So, to stop not commenting, I am commenting. But now the discontiuation of my not commenting is coming to an abrupt stop. Screeeeeech !!!!