Sunday, August 09, 2009



THE LONG AWAITED ANSWER: Is "B", Stingy or frugal.

Many thanks to you smart alecks whose penchant for making up your own definitions (Innominatus and Wollf) make the comments funnier than the whole blog on a normal basis. But SIS is the one who got it right. She played to win. And did.

I hope RobV's caffienated sinuses fully recover enough to provide us with another installment soon. This is fun!

I have lost track of the roman numeral associated with this installment of Wordy Guy. But that does not diminish it's fun or importance. Nay, if anything, it frees me to not worry about counting every one of these. And If Rob V stays on board with us here, we'll get more of this educational fun.

As always, do your best, dig deep in your brains, and NO CHEATING...


A. Extremely self-righteous, to the point of being "holier than thou."

B. Stingy or frugal

C. Extremely bitter and resentful


innominatus said...


Descriptive of the harmonious moans let out by your classmates whenever your stupid 10th grade English teacher made the class parse a sentence.

Rob V. said...

It happened again. I laughed so hard that I snorted coffee through my nose when I read the definition invented by Innominatus. I should know not to be drinking anything when I read his comments. What a perfect definition. It's better than the real definition of the word.

Howlsatmoon said...

Tasting or smelling of Parsimmons?

A distaste for the Leno or Carson era Tonight show, as in, "I always preferred the Parr-simonious shows, these young whippersnappers don't know comedy"

Or maybe it's holier than thou.....

invigilator_Tex said...

A. Self-righteous.

Anonymous said...



aA said...

WE have a WINNAH!
Congranulations, Sis!