Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Arrives…

…Or at least sends it’s RSVP.

It hasn’t felt a lot like Christmas lately. It could be the fact that I am still looking for a permanent job. Elf-ing is a pretty closed profession, and Santa Claus-ing is even more restricted.

I was in the local Kroger store, using the free wi-fi, and upon leaving I passed through the Christmas tree display. As I strolled through as cool as a big old guy toting a laptop in a bag can possibly stroll, I was overcome by a desire to start running in between the rows. I wanted to dart in and out between the trees and hide from the adults. The smell took me back 40 years and the only thing that prevented me from cavorting through the evergreens was the fear that the police would be called.

But I did enjoy the pine-scented air and that fleeting sense of being a kid again. Besides, my knees and back would've made me pay for a couple of days, and that's without falling on my patootie.


innominatus said...

If they call the cops on you, can't you just hide among the trees? They look pretty tall in that pic.

aA said...

...but cops are generally younger and more mobile than me, and would eventually (within seconds) catch me and roughly handle me right there in front of the whole wide Alvin world.

I don't need that kind of publicity, brother!

Becky R. said...

The publicity may not have helped you in your "substitute teachering" gig, but it would have enhanced your "eccentric artist" reputation.