Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Love/Hate With the Shoes

OK, I have on some shoes that are sock-eaters. I like the shoes, but the fact that they are drawing my socks down into their depths bothers me. New Balance 644. There, I said it. And most likely totally ruined any ad or endorsement deals for their otherwise fine footwear.

I have had New Balance shoes before, so this twist is new for the brand in my experience. It is by no means a new experience for me, who has been wearing shoes off and on for 50 years. There have been dress shoes (the blue ones)(so what, it was 1974, OK?), and some Converse knock offs, also from the 70s. There have been cowboy boots; I gave them to a Swiss guy over here as an exchange student, he was proud to have them. I had some motorcycle-type boots that were fine for a long time, but after a protracted time saturated with water, they developed and appetite. I theorize that the long term wetness and subsequent drying next to the water heater caused a mutation. I guess like boot-zombies. Come to think of it, that pair of moccasins that I wore outside in the rain turned hungry as well.

Top-siders get that way, too. While designed to be worn wet and sockless, my guess is that they have latent tendencies when pressed into duty as anything else.

The only thing more annoying, foot-wise, is the proverbial pebble in the shoe. After a short time walking, the sock is worked down toward the toe box of said shoe and balls up under the arch. The elastic is working down around the heel, stretching beyond what sock elastic was born to endure. Long enough exposure will reduce the socks to mere sacks that you put your feet in. Now these will pass on the curse to even your most well-behaved footwear. They head for the ball of your food without hesitation.


But I like these shoes, so I suppose I will either endure or resort to stapling my socks to my ankles. Cuz you know I'm too cheap to get new shoes.


DammitWomann said...

Oh My............ that drives me nutz too. I can't stand for my socks to fall down. This seems to only happen in my exercise shoes.

(ding) - guess I just need to quit exercising........

Stepsistah said...

I don't wear socks much...being the senior one on this bloglet...but I do have one pair of brown knee highs that tend to droop to my knees. NO I DON'T wear them with dresses. Haven't gotten that old yet. However, am glad that my brown slacks puddle a little at the bottom to make sure everything is covered.

invigilator_tex said...

Get ya some garters, Geeze.

I'm gonna tell you all a story...I like to wear my Hanes boxer briefs in the swimming pool instead of swim trunks. But the down side is that all that chlorine takes the spring out of the elastic in the band, so around October those babies tend to slip down under my pants. Talk about uncomfortable!

Well, ever the cheapskate I found a way to recylce several pairs of them. I held a mini-garage sale and sold them to the highest bidders outside the student center. Those knuckleheads LOVE pants riding down around their knees. Brilliant!

DammitWomann said...


Those two (2) comments sent me into a laughing fit. Funny

innominatus said...

Duct tape works wonders!

Rob V. said...

Too cheap to buy new shoes? Come on. Don't be a "heel." Get some new shoes. It will be good for your "sole."

Anonymous said...

BIG TOE said...
That sounds like a Seinfield episode.

aA said...

THIS is why I do this; the comments are funnier than the post! DW: I stopped long ago!

Sistah: I wear boots a lot, and nobody can see the mismatched sox beneath them! And sorry, I didn't realize those were socks you were wearing! I'm glad they are!

Tex: *shudder, clawing out eyes with a Taco Bell spork* Nice save, though!

Innominatus: that's why there's no hair on the corresponding part of my calves!

RobV: I knew I could draw you in with all the un-said puns! I left you wide open, determined not to put them down myself! They were on the tip of my tongue! HA! I WIN!

Big Toe: yep, more nothing!

Anonymous said...

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