Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Can't Beat the Classics

My youngest and I have a lot of things in common. We both like guns. Shooting them, looking at them, talking about them, etc. We also both have a liking for Jalapeño Cheddar Cheetos. They taste just like regular Cheetos, but with jalapeñoz in them. Like the real pepper. They taste green and everything. An exciting treat, with a cumulative heat that only just makes your nose run.

SO, what could be better than blending these two endearing entities?

Right. Nearly nothing.

Imagine my joy and surprise when eating my lunch today, which included as a side Jalapeño Cheddar Cheetos, when the last remnant of the unnaturally orange snack was in the distinct shape of one of my favorite things.

There was a tiny, spicy, cheesy Single Action Colt “Peacemaker”! See the similarity? I knew you would.

On second thought, it could also be mistaken for a Ruger Vaquero, but it’s my snack and I see what I want to see.

When my little gal came in from school, I was eager to show her my new find. She has been kinda under the weather lately, and kinda aching to go shooting, and her little face brightened up like, well, like mine did!

I don’t know yet how or where I’ll save it, but I am determined to pass it and my 1911 nearly-Government model .45 down to my grandchildren.


innominatus said...

Sorry but I think that's more of a blunderbuss than a Colt SAA.

Also, if I didn't already know what a blunderbuss was, I would have guessed that it was mass-transit for the Obama administration.

Big Toe said...

I think they could make an episode for Glee out of this Cheetoe. You know what I mean if you watched the episode called "Grilled Cheesus"!

Howlsatmoon said...

Definitely a Peacemaker. E-Bay calls! By the by.....(clears throat), gotz two o' the Peacemakers, circa 18 and 90... remember, born in Tombstone, and the Sar'Major has put myname on his Real 1911...went with him ever-wheres....Peleliu, Iwo,Korea,VietNam....

I pray he gets to keep it in his holster for a few more years!

Good to see you writing again.

aA said...

Innominatus: Very funny, blunderbuss indeed. It's not a genuine miracle, but hey, it has the plowhandle grip and hammer, what do you want from a Cheeto?

Toe: I would never watch Glee. If they do an episode on my pistol cheese snack, I want a cut of the profits for that week.

Wollf: I am sorely jealous. OUCH! I do hope the Sar'Major hangs on to it awhile longer, he is in Arizona, after all. Heck he might use it! And thanks for the props!

Rob V. said...

Amazing what can be found in a bag of Cheetos


You may need to copy and paste the link.

Anonymous said...

Did you eat the trigger off your Cheeto-gun?

aA said...

Anonymouse: No, I had plenty of other Cheetos to satisfy my craving for jalapeño cheese. I didn't think to look in the bottom of the bag for the trigger/guard combo.

Too late now, I guess. I wonder if that will hurt the resale value?