Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am TRULY aAshamed!

Yep. It's been since MAY that I posted here. It's a crying shame. Well, it would be if it really mattered to anyone. But still, there is a hole in my heart that's shaped like a GeezerChron.

To my loyal fan; I feel some rants coming on, and I may even get them into a coherent form to post here at my favorite hangout. And there are one of you who have missed me. But your aim will improve, I am sure. And I will renew my habit of glopping down my thoughts here for your perusals.

My apologies to you all haha.


innominatus said...

I'm gonna track down your fan and encourage him to encourage you to post sumpthin.

aA said...

Thanks, Inno! We'll see if my fan reads your post and responds! Hey, maybe it's me!

PaChomp said...

Don't feel too bad, Geezer. I haven't posted anything since May, either. I blame the heat. It's too hot to blog. It's also too hot to feel ashamed. Pick your head up! One day the heat wave will end and your infinite wisdom of your own thoughts will run through your fingertips just like old times. I am patiently waiting for that to happen (because I make #4 of your Texas fans) as I patiently await for my own heat wave to pass. Good luck, Geezer!

aA said...

PaChomp: Thanks for commiserating with's much better than commiserating alone!

I will take your "heat" excuse, and apply it to lots of other areas that have been lacking; like mowing the lawn. Which is really true, cuz there is just a thin, crusty brown carpet covering hoeplessly hard-packed coastal dirt where a lawn used to be.

See? There is hope! Thanks!