Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints (Have a Candy Hangover) Day

Well MOST of the Saints do, anyhow. I didn’t participate in the “handing-out-of-candy” ritual last night. It just so happened, as I am sure everyone is aware, that Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year. Which coincides exactly with my teaching of graphic design classes at San Jacinto College in the evening.

So, in the name of Education (and in the name of “if-I-don’t-show-up-I-don’t-get-paid”) I went dutifully to class last evening. I had students looking expectantly to me to somehow oblige them in the celebration in the name of all things sweet and greedy. “Sorry”, I told them, “but some other instructor looks like they cared, and I think you are welcome to this...”, pointing to the plastic pumpkin half full of bubble gum and tootsie rolls.

On the home front, my oldest had some guys over to eat and eat and pass out candy and eat. I think they accomplished the stated goal. They also watched scary movies till late at night.

My middle daughter was forced at grade point (apparently) to attend the varsity volleyball team’s last game (as it turned out) over in Manvel. She got home quickly, since the team was retired summarily in three games. She just hung out with her sister and the guys.

My youngest, the one most "into" the festivities, was dressed as a little boy; plaid shorts, baggy camo t-shirt and slide-on plaid sneakers. Oh, and a camo-billed Astros hat to cover her girly hair. I haven’t gotten a full report, but I saw the plastic pumpkin full to the brim with loot. My wife accompanied her on the neighborhood blitzkrieg, along with my daughter’s best friend and her mom. The friend was dressed as a boy as well; this had been planned for seven months.

Judging from the bales of candy that were purchased and the near-empty bin used for distribution, either the trick-or-treaters had a good night, or the resident and visiting youths did. I just had the few odd Kit Kat bars and went to bed. My last official act was to bring the pumpkin and jack-o-lantern in; last year, my excellent offering was smashed over night, so I didn’t want to trust this new incarnation to the late night no-goods marauding after hours.

So ends another celebration aimed at kid’s teeth and sense of entitlement. I only wish we could harness the energy generated and expended for good rather than fat and cavities. Think of the distances we could drive powered by Snickers bars and gummy eyeballs!


Falcon said...

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
Henry David Thoreau

RGF said...

I missed seeing the kids all dressed up last night. A surprised Pocahontas might have shown up. Instead, the money saved on candy was used to buy myself dinner at Cafe Express and a book at Borders.

While at Borders I learned a curious thing. Conspiracy theorists and other social critics blame the American Dental Association for fostering the current strident and hedonist attitudes toward Halloween in our nation's young and vulnerable whose age range from waddling toddlers to grayhaired, tall, smart alecky ones with bad joints.

du said...

Not being a TV watcher, I got bored waiting for goblins and decided to discover what was available for my TV viewing pleasure instead. I found a program outlining the history of Halloween. My son's phone call woke me up 30 minutes into the program and he described the goblins who visited his San Antonio home to me for a good spell.
Two brave little girls, an Indian and witch (I think???) marked the very last two trick or treaters for my history. I've decided to give up waiting for little goblins. They never show up here. I've also decided to market TV as a sleep enhancer, works every time for me!
And as far as the mischief makers, it takes a lot of kinetic energy to smash a plastic pumpkin!! proven fact.....looking forward to seeing you at Borders next year!!!

RGF said...