Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkeys Galore

OK, so Thanksgiving is over, and all the turkeys are consumed until Christmas. Or one would think.

My parents have a deep freeze and an apparent compulsion to collect turkeys. I don't know where they all come from; I thought that most of the free turkey offers went the way of $1.50-a-gallon gasoline.

For several years, my wife has been asking my mother what the count was for frozen birds in their freezer, and every time the answer came back, "None of your business." Somehow, we would eventually find out, at least a general count for the small army of large poultry residing in the frozen turkey mine. Sometimes we'd weasel it out of my sister, who could occasionally spy on the cache, sometimes my mother might let a hint slip in conversation, as in, "Then the fifth one was free..." or "...we didn't have any room for number eight, y'all want some carrots?"

This year, I don't know if her guard was down or she was just weary of the game, but we actually found the total value of the stash. Visible in the photo are eight of the remaining nine turkeys, after the one that was cooked on Thursday. And one was deployed to my sister's house. The mystery solved, we can finally rest.

For this year.


Sis said...

dirty rotten stinkin turkey for you - 1 year!
you funny!!

Gary D said...

Just thought I'd let you know where you can make some extra cash..

Actually working instead of blogging, I actually earned my salary last week by not commneting on your blogs.

The Tall One

P.S. Happy belated Thanksgiving and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family

aA said...

party pooper! i only do this for the comments! rob me of that and what have i got? a bunch of made up memories told from my perspective.


aA said...

oh, and i hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving. and i hope the impending Christmas season fills you with joy. or something akin to joy.

Anonymous said...

I saw her at Krogers last year with a basket full of turkeys and my Husband spotted her at Stantons this year! Got caught!

I'll never tell said...

Let me just say this:

I really love the mystery of the "Turkey Lady" (that's my name for her).

And... I really enjoy the year to year game of guessing the secret number of turkeys she has purchased. Will it be 5,10,12 or maybe even 15 this year!

Thanksgiving 2007 will be a case for the TFD (Turkey Freezer Detective).