Monday, January 22, 2007

Mommie Dearest

My sister emailed me this story of a tigress who lost her preemie cubs and was pining (apparently). The zookeepers were trying to find surrogate tiger-style cubs but were unsuccessful. Someone hit upon the notion that they could make pigs in a blanket and satisfy the tigress’ maternal longing. So they literally put some piglets in little tiger print blankets and the mother took them in instantly. She is apparently happy with the arrangement.

Thus far.

I am not advocating something callous or crass here, but I wonder if someone were to perhaps slip some pork in to the feed mix for Mommie Dearest, would she, upon tasting it say, “Hmm, this tastes familiar, what is it…I just can’t quite place it…”. The next time she gave her cub-lets a lick-bath, would she have the same reaction? Or would it be an epiphany? “My babies are made of…..pork!”

I can only imagine her joy when she finds that her cubs are actually edible and of a flavor that is preferred by tigers four to one!

Why do I think of these things? I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little mean. Maybe I’m a tad twisted, perhaps I’m desperate for a posting on my blog. Or maybe just a little hungry. For bacon.

I will want to follow this story into the future, to see sow it turns out. But I most likely won’t boar you with the details.


Neo-andertal said...

Mmmmmm BACON!!!

I have a certain sense of inevitability about this.

Let us know when this ceases to be cute.

aA said...

will try to keep tabs, but no guarantees; i have a short attention span!