Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Growth Chemicals

Well, I bought a new suit last Friday. I had to get the trousers altered because they were, like size 46 or something and unhemmed, of course. So the tailor had to put cuffs at the bottom and take them up quite a bit in the waist and seat. QUITE a bit! I picked them up this afternoon and tried them on. Well, the pants were a little loose, which I'm sure is the standard procedure for suit pants. You don't want to be struggling with a tight waistband when you're supposed to be looking beautiful, right?

My wife bought three pies from her sister's son as a fundraiser. Flying Saucer Pies from Flying Saucer Pie Company in Houston. Chocolate, lemon and key lime. I have been studying them quite carefully, and have concluded that the ingredients include a substance that promotes growth in humans. I think it's gradual, but the amount of study that I am conducting (two down, one to go), may show that the rate accelerates randomly.

And theoretically that may take care of the suit pants being a little too loose.

Stay tuned.


Rob V. said...

I would like to volunteer to help you with your study of the pies. I have a lot of experience as a pie sampler. You could really benefit from my expert knowledge.

aA said...

mr V...unfortunately, the study is near its end, and you may not show the effects of said pies soon enough. besides, they're MINE, ALL MINE!

Anonymous said...

Big Toe

The next study will begin the same time next year. If anyone is intrested in the Human Growth Pie Study, Aaron can help sign you up.

aA said...

Big Toe, how much to participate in this study (per pie)?...will there be a questionnaire to fill out for the duration of the study? will we get a clothing allowance for the clothes we outgrow?

Anonymous said...

bd: I conducted a similar test and my wardrobe now consists of gray jogging need for the drawstring!

Falcon said...

I came, I saw, i read, I made a trip to my local bakery, THANKS!!!!!!!!!