Friday, October 05, 2007

Salute To Travis Waldrep, 18

Travis is an austute and perceptive young man, possessing wisdom far beyond the mere 18 years his birth certificate indicates.

This story will prove it.

Roy and I had a contract to shoot a motorcycle gang one Saturday, and Travis went along to help. Now, it isn’t QUITE what it sounds like; we snagged a gig taking pictures of about 150 baby boomers and their motorcycles. Yeah, yeah, ANYHOW, as we were driving up to the “gang’s headquarters”, Roy and I proceeded into our usual banter, trying hard NOT to be funny, but it’s something we just can’t help.

Travis noted, totally unprompted, that “63% of what you guys say is funny…”. Now, coming from a teenager, that is pretty high praise, and the unusually high percentage he gave us (which is somewhat lower than OUR estimates of 76%) indicates a firm grasp of the English language and the clever subtleties and refined nuance that a couple of masters can inflict upon the spoken word. And we can write it even better.

So here’s to one of the 14 teenagers that I can stand for more than 3 minutes at a time: Travis Jamison Waldrep, Congratulations!


Lynette said...

Travis gets both his good looks and his sense of humor from his mom and dad.-Travis's mom.

aA said...

you're SO right!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I have seen better writing - but can't remember when!
-- Paper Boy

Anonymous said...

Check is in the mail!
- Travis

aA said...

Travis, don't you mean "Czech is in the mail"?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I shot a deer with my bow this weekend.... some girl on myspace googled me and this article is what she got!!!