Monday, October 08, 2007

Wordy Guy III

OK kids, you know the rules...let the play begin. Tomorrow I'll post the answer and the winner. Heck, I know, you'll all have checked the dictionary by then, but I'll make it official.


A. Ineffective

B. A beggar

C. Characterized by deception or dishonesty


So am I to believe that all three of you chose correctly without "research"? WELL, it's true, at least the part about choosing correctly. Congratulations to you smart people.


the photoSmith said...


invigilator_tex said...

I'm going with the photosmith and by some weird deductive reasoning. I figure if A and C are both qualities that pertain to most politicians and B does not, I'm going with B.

One of these things is not like the know the song.

sis said...

I think it is B....for all the wrong I will do the research

aA said...

I may just well up with tears; three posts in just two hours!

I will post the correct answer after lunch, to give some of the "less faitful" readers a fighting chance.

Thank you, thank you all (3)!

invigilator_tex said...

Oh ye of little faith...I did not research the answer. In fact, I followed my own, oddball logic (and the photosmith's pick). Cheat? I think not! Well, maybe sort of.

aA said...

Tex, casting aspersions is not my intent; i'd rather be casting soft plastic lures to flat fish, intently.

I will believe you, until one of my spies catches you doing something un-American.

Just remember, I trust you all.

sis said...

I'm just a good guesser...aint' I aAron...write a story about that (those) time(s) and...I 'trust' you all too. ;)

Anonymous said...

bd: Let me try using it in a sentence....Joe wanted to go to the movies but "mendicant"....get it!! Mendi cant...I crack myself up!! :o)