Friday, November 02, 2007


The first bite of a Whataburger is one of the unbeatable lunch sensations out there. Along with a big ol’ Dr Pepper, it is one of the simple pleasures that geezers have to savor and appreciate.

I experienced that today at lunch. The weather was very pleasant and I ate outside at the covered picnic table.

When I left the parking lot at the beginning of my lunch hour, I didn’t really know where I was going to end up. Nothing sounded good. You know how that goes. Then, somehow it came to me, “Go to Whataburger, it’s been a while…”. A fine idea.

The only down side to this trip was that the girl behind the counter sold me one of the “pun’kin” pies. It sounded good, and I heard the older voice-over fella in the ads in my head with his line about the “pun’kin pies…mmmmm, now there's that missin’ ‘m’ I was talkin’ about…”

So I ate my burger, as many fries as I could, and a big DP. I finished, mostly satisfied. Then, to my absolute horror, I happened a glance at the ticket taped to the outside of my bag. There, printed clearly “pumkin pie…¢99”. Dang it, there was nothing else in my bag. I was cheated out of a pun’kin pie.

You may have felt a “disturbance in the force”…probably sounded more like a stomach growl.


Paul said...

Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. I'm gad there are people out there who appreciate my lack of a sense of humor.

I like the blog. Good stuff.

the photoSmith said...

I had a similar experience today, I was in Aggieland shootin some bridals and we went to Raising Canes. Except it was so much that I absolutely love their food, but more that it brings back memories of college...and next time you go to Whataburger you gotta tell me!

AggieDes said...

Whataburger made me sick yesterday... But it was in Waco. So I guess that's why.

invigilator_tex said...

There once was a geezer; a regular guy
Wolfed down his burger and every last fry
But when he looked down his jaw became slack
For it seems there was nothing else left in his sack
Ol’ Geez was just drooling for sweet punkin’ pie
But for some karmic reason this day would deny
Back to his cube he drooped with a sigh
His friends were all puzzled by the tear in his eye
No moral can be found
There’s nothing to see
When you’re hungry for pumpkins without any “g”

invigilator_tex said...

The horror. "p" not "g"

Amie said...

I knew I felt something about that time on Friday.
I had those little punkin pies last week and they were YUMMY; I can understand your pain.
Next time, tell me and I will go make that girl give 'em to you.

Falcon said...

Now I know -

a pie suddenly appeared on my kitchen table around noon that same day.

Maybe there was a rip in the space/time Continuum or a worm hole in the sack they gave you!?!