Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andy!

There is a young man in San Marcos right now who is celebrating his 21st birthday today. I have known him for every one of those years.

He is what people describe as a "miracle baby". When he was but a few days old, he contracted meningitis, rode in a Life Flight helicopter and spent some time in a hospital. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but as you can guess, he made it from being a tiny, helpless little baby, to a large, likable and intelligent young man. He's well over six feet tall and exhibits no evidence of his tentative beginning.

But it's not just his physical being that is imposing and strong, his spirit is perhaps bigger than his body. He's not one of those hammerheads that is going to go out and get drunk on his 21st birthday "WOO HOOOO!Cuz I finally can cuz I'm legal". He's smart.

He has worked his guts out at HEB and school work at Texas State University, and will no doubt make his family proud in his chosen profession.

But then, he already has!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!


Anonymous said...

Andrew, uh aAron.
Thanks for the comments! That's my baby!

Rob V. said...

Say what?!? He's actually smart? You mean, he can actually mumble 2 sentences without sprinkling in the useless and empty word "like" 10 times? And can he actually write a paragraph that's not loaded with misspelled words, punctuation and grammar mistakes? And he does not just vegetate in front of a video game for hours at a time? And he doesn't wear pants that hang halfway down to his knees? And he doesn't have little rods poked through his eyebrows, ears, nostrils, etc.? And he does not have weird tattoos covering every square inch of his body? What kind of freak is he?