Monday, May 05, 2008

Sad News

Big Toe put in an emergency call to me this weekend, with some sad and disturbing news: The Naked Rib is no more.

It is now called Sekula's BBQ, and that's all she knows. A slight face-lift was noticed from the road: red and white checkered table cloths on the outside tables.

Still to be determined is the bill of fare, specifically, do they still use that superior BBQ sauce, and is there still a brisket pie.

Of course, if the above items remain intact, I don't care if they call it Ali Baba's 40 Thieves Cafe.

There will be an update on this situation.


Rob V. said...

My mouth is watering. Let me know if the bill of fare remains the same

the photoSmith said...

This best not be the doings of that sekula gibbs lady, this'll just give me one more reason not to like her!!!

aA said...

I am not sure about this one, but we should maybe check the meat for rashes or acne since she is a dermatologist...

Sorry, did I spoil the thought of BBQ for the day?

Trixie said...

No way. Lemme know if you go!