Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time is Fleeting

I was at Walmart the other day and as I was getting out of my car, I spotted two watches right on the yellow line of the empty space next to me. I got out of my car quickly to grab them before some crazed soccer mom on her Blackberry whipped in to the spot in a Yukon. I hurried over to the pair of timepieces that sat in tandem as though they were placed there intentionally.

I picked them up and noticed immediately that one was in the form of a lady’s watch and the other was perhaps a slim, smaller round-faced men’s watch or a slightly larger women’s watch. The decision was easy; take them to the lost-and-found. Someone was out there wondering where their tickers were.

As I walked in to the store, I looked closer at them; one appeared to be a Tommy Hilfiger with a “pearl” face and a prominent logo. It was ticking. The other, the smaller lady’s watch, was in the style of a Rolex in stainless steel with a diamond bezel. It was not in working mode, being about an hour and twenty minutes slow. On further inspection, I noted the famous name actually printed on the face, “Rolex” and with the words “Perpetual Day-Date” were in the proper location for the brand. However, as I waited in the line to turn in these watches, I looked at the “Rolex” carefully, and tried to pull out the stem to see if I could set the time. It was nigh on impossible and I nearly broke my thumbnail trying to pry the thing loose. I finally loosened it to a degree, but only by unscrewing it. That was when I re-read the face, wondering if perhaps the name may have been spelled “Rollecks”. The back didn’t bear the trademark crown on the stainless steel. The word “knock off” came immediately to mind.

For some reason, I stood in the Customer Service line for about ten minutes. There was a young couple returning some sort of electronical device with no receipt. I should have just tossed the wristwatches in the garbage, yet I stood there, time ticking away on the minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

Finally I got to the counter and asked the lady if these “watches” would be safe in the lost and found. Dumb question. I think they’d be pretty safe there. Forever.

I think they’d have been just as safe in the parking lot on the yellow line in section C.

So, to the venerable Rolex company; I apologize for not taking the rank imitation completely out of circulation. Maybe I should have saved it and let my daughter “durability test” this thing with a teaspoon full of .40 caliber lead at 1100 fps.


Howlsatmoon said...

I had an imitation fake Rolex one time....couldn't afford a real fake....


aA said...

Good one Wollf! Had I known that, I'da sent this one to MrsWollfDragn and then she'd have a crappy knockoff to match yours!!

I can check the WallyWorld lost and flounder to see if they been claimed yet.

invigilator_tex said...

Shoulda saved 'em for Christmas gifts for someone on your not-so-nice list.

Falcon said...

This is always fun..

A while back when I received a modest promotion, I purchased a knock off Rolex and wore it to work for about a month.... I just loved torturing my co-workers... It was worth the $10.00

Rob V. said...

Good idea -- to let your daughter use the phony watches for target practice. Good way to kill time.

innominatus said...

Dang, I almost missed your post! You did the right thing, even if the watches were junk. Maybe there was a hidden cam somewhere, with some joker hoping to catch one of the famous customers of WallyWorld celebrating a valuable ground-score.