Monday, September 11, 2006

Freedom From WalMart

Hooray! This weekend (starting at 9:07 p.m. Friday) I did not venture to
WalMart at all! Not for milk, bread, tortillas, cheese, lunch meat or an
iPod Nano.

There is such a sense of freedom knowing that I stayed away from the Mother Ship for the entire weekend. That's not to say that I didn't shop at all Saturday or Sunday. We needed some things after church on Sunday, but it was HEB that got my dollars instead of the Bentonville Giant.

And with the encouragement offered by my two consecutive days of being AWOL from a major discount outlet, I may even be able to extend the run to
Monday, and perhaps, who knows, even TUESDAY! What a feat, what an
accomplishment. It ranks right up there with buying the last package of
disposable diapers!

Ah, the liberation, the ecstasy, the...

Dang. We need cat food. The clock starts over.


Anonymous said...

dang-o cats, but after all while you're there you may as well pick up some cereal, tomatoes, peanut butter, a few light bulbs, dental floss, socks, water hose and don't forget to pick up a card table. Ought to hold you a while....

aA said...

as of today, tuesday sept 12, i have not set foot in Walmart to purchase anything. i went in yesterday just to look at the frames in the optical dept. and it was only for 8 minutes...