Tuesday, September 26, 2006

OK, So WEEKLY Should be the Goal

Not daily. There, I feel a little better now. Although it ain’t like I have been getting clamors for updates on this thing! A novelty, that’s what it is. Just a novelty. A handful of people looked at it briefly, some of whom actually commented (thank you so much) and then everyone promptly forgot about it. I’ll be willing to wager that nobody even has a bookmark on this page. Or at least they don’t click it.

That’s OK, I ain’t no Hemmingway or Twain. Someday, you people will say, “Yeah, I almost followed his writing in the early days...”


Anonymous said...

You forgot your earring!

Anonymous said...

well, being a cowboy in Houston isn't like it used to be.

just got keep bringing home the bacon. not much time to be creative.

Anonymous said...

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
Rudyard Kipling

No matter how long between stories and observations each new one bringsa smile to my face!!
GD "Tallboy"

Cactus M said...

First, I don't like anyone in my age bracket calling themselves a geezer!
And, yes I agree on that the "Back to School" season has become ridiculous! At least we don't have to decorate or have the families over.

aA said...

Cactus, the decoration/family celebration is only a couple of years away, i can feel it!

i was a "geezer" when i was 19, so don't sweat the timeline!