Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A WHOLE Week, already!

Yeah, it's been a week since I put anything up on the GeezerChron...I feel so bad. But that's the way it goes. Please re-read and post comments. I am flying blind here.

Blind as a bat. Like all the ones in the schools lately. Alvin High had some bats in the old subterranean cafeteria...sounds like a likely place for them. Or maybe they were just trying to learn something. Or if we could only fit them with glasses, maybe they wouldn't get lost. Or maybe the school is just where they WANT to be. Maybe all these bats want to do is learn, to
grow as bats. To be something besides a prop for Halloween, or Dracula movies. Or news hooks.

Think about it. But stay away from any bat that looks confused or ill, such as one poring over an algebra book.

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