Sunday, July 29, 2007

The New Aggie Dispatch

Well, on Friday I left off my freshly-turned-twenty, first born daughter in her new life as an Aggie. She worked hard, applied, got the student loan and everything.

I am proud of her.

I took Thursday off to help break camp in her room, where she has been for 11 years. It was tough for her to take it all apart without stopping to remember little things. She began to get misty along about three in the afternoon, as she got down to some of the final things to pack away. Some things stayed, some were destined for College Station but as the end neared, the emotions ran higher. I did my best to cheer, rationalize and otherwise console her, and on occasion, it did work. Sort of.

On Friday, we (my wife, youngest daughter, the Aggie-ette and her boyfriend and I) set out for College Station. The ride up there passed fairly quickly; I am used to “college” being at least four hours away, and we got to College Station in about half of that time. We arrived at the office for the apartment complex without incident, and she got her key and directions to her apartment. Our small caravan trailed over to the correct building and parked. The anticipation was high, at least for me and I’m sure for the new tenant.

I want to preface this next part by saying that since she was going to be moving in early, we all thought that she would be alone for a couple of weeks. And there was some trepidation on that point.

As she entered the apartment, she found a girl and guy asleep on the couch. The girl got up (fully clothed, thank GOD!) and welcomed my daughter and her boyfriend. My wife was hot on their heels, but couldn’t bring herself to enter at that point. She REALLY got nervous then.

The story is that roomie dearest had thrown a party the night before (celebrating her last night of total freedom, no doubt) and they had been cleaning up since early in the morning. Since we got there at about 2:30 p.m., they had apparently pooped out by then and had taken a short nap on the couch, which was made up like a bed with a sheet, blanket and a pillow.

As we began to move her stuff in, my daughter began to look more and more whipped, shocked and dismayed. She was tired and sad as it was, but the new twist was almost too much.

I have talked with her on the phone and texted her several times already since we left Friday night at about 10:30 p.m. She wants to come home and live her life exactly as it was before. But that opportunity has passed. She has worked too hard and too many things have been done in this direction to turn back now.

She knows that, and things will even out soon. The roommate is moving out August 10.

Roomie is reported to have been arrested for an outstanding traffic ticket; one of her "friends" bailed her out, how nice...besides, only 6 more days of occupation...


Falcon said...

I know how you feel. Of course we went through the opposite. When my youngest graduated HS she immediately wanted to go away (SHSU) in which she did for about a 2 years. The first year she had roomates that to this day I never met.Her grades were marginal Then the second year she moved into a sorority house (which I knew was a bad idea). Well, her immaturity and her life of freedom clashed with getting school work done, she has ended up back at home (dramatically I might add. She is now finishing schoool at UHCLC and living at home. I commend you on convincing or requiring your daughter to take care of her first years near home. I wasted a couple of thousand dollars giving her a "chance" to make it away from home, she seems to be doing okay now.

the photoSmith said...

Roommates are like a box of assorted chocolates, you really only like one or two flavors and want to throw away the rest. Roommates are the best and worst things about college, but they really help you understand who you really are. I know too many people who gave up on everything they worked so hard for b/c they had bad roommates, keep her encouraged!!

Rob V. said...

It's such a bittersweet time when you have a daughter officially moving out and getting out on her own for the first time. (Been there, done that -- with 2 daughters). We may soon be noticing a few more gray hairs showing up on a certain geezer.

The Aggie said...

Hey, I like the post dedicated to meee! Haha. So I like my new roommates a whole lot. I've met a ton of people on the bus and in classes. I LOVE it up here. And last night was the first football game and we totally BTHO Montana State! 38-7! Gig 'Em Aggies! A-A-A-WHOOOOOOOOP!