Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hindsight is 50/50

That's my new expression.

First, it's sort of true; something either would have worked out or it wouldn't have.

Second, it is a great joke exhibiting the "Norm Crosby" malaprop angle. If someone knows me, they know that I said it specifically. They get the joke. If they DON'T get the joke, then I follow up with, "...Looking back, maybe I should have said 20/20..." thus getting a little more joke mileage out of the line.

I think I'm pretty funny. At least new words are. Or, as Dudley Moore said as Arthur in the movie by the same name, "...sometimes i just think funny things!"


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Rob V. said...

A friend of mine is the king of malapropism. He once rushed in late to a meeting (he was the chair of the meeting). "Sorry to be late," he said. "I had to go and help my wife. Her car was strangled on the side of the road." (Actually, her car was "stranded.") At another meeting he organized, during the introductory comments he remarked: "I would like to recognize some of our extinguished guests at our meeting." (The "distinguished" guests were hopefully not yet passed away). At yet another meeting, he was relating a hunting story: "I scanned the horizon and did not see any deer in the intermediate area..."