Monday, July 16, 2007

Wrap Artists

Yes, it seems there is a first time for everything. And last night was the first time in our family's history (and my history, too, as a matter of factoid) to have our yard decorated with toilet paper.

I text-messaged my daughters this morning, "Congratulations, unwrap the house before it rains, EVERYBODY!"

My oldest text-replied at 08:45:12 confirming that they cleaned up. I called to confirm that the action was complete, and she said it was, except for the uppermost tree branches. I asked her if she got the message with the fresh garbage bags I left on the living room floor. She said yes, that and the text message.

The twelve-year-old sent a text message back commenting on the quality of the job, or lack thereof. My impression was similar; it lacked the commitment and verve that a real wrap artist would have expressed. There were only four rolls utilized with rather unimaginative composition.

I suppose I'm lucky, what with having three daughters, one of which is on the way to Aggieland in a couple of weeks, to have only just now been hit by the TP banditos. And add to that, the uninspired execution of the deed, the cleanup was apparently easy on the girls.

That's plenty, now. We're fine, thanks. No more.


Kyle said...

In my experience, this is not just a onetime hit. I like to think of the first one as a warning shot. They’re just showing that you are vulnerable and now they know it can be done. They’re now storing up and calling all re-enforcements. The house of Geezer should get ready. You should first send out spies. Find out what type of forces you’re dealing with. That way you’ll be ready next time… and oh there will be a next time.

aA said...

your admonishment has awakened me. i will camp on the roof with a pellet gun indefinitely.