Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Muu Muu

Yes, I saw a muu muu yesterday. I didn't think that they even made them anymore. I was appalled. But strangely fascinated.

In a local pharmacy, the one where the goobers work, I was waiting to be acknowledged by the vapid, slow-moving girl behind the counter. As I looked past her at the efficient frenzy of activity of the pharmacists and two other techs filling and dispensing prescriptions, I couldn't help wondering if this girl was in the right store. She was waiting on a woman with a gravelly whiskey tenor voice who was hiding at the corner of the customer side of the counter. I hadn't seen her till she spoke with the smoky growl that identified her as a smoker of multiple thousands of cigarettes over a majority of her life. The voice and the stench of stale tobacco smoke seeped across the four feet separating us.

When I looked her direction, I had to force myself not to stare. At least while she was looking up. She was replete in her turquoise and sea-green muu muu, and the effect was capped off, so to speak, by a blue Hang Ten ball cap, turned backward. The cap had a Hawaiian print that sort of matched the garment. Sort of.

I didn't get to sneak a peek at her footwear, the slow-mover finally made it to the counter with the medications that the veterinarian had prescribed.

SO, I was left in dumbfoundment for a short time while processing what I had just witnessed; a fashion gaffe that should never be repeated. Or imagined. Oops, sorry.

Just try put it outta your mind.


Irma's Husband said...

OMG! What a small world! My wife came home from the pharmacy last night complaining about "the tall, scarey dude" staring at her. She was waiting for her weekly supply of Hoodia and Alli and felt so uncomfortable she forgot to bring me my bag of Twizlers.

Me and the kids had us one heck of a time calming her down. I'll explain to her that you was just admiring her new blouse.

We may have to change pharmacies.

aA said...

Dear, Mr. Irma,

I thought I was being secretive while assessing your wife's subtle fashion statement.

Don't worry, I won't be back to W'greens in the near future, not till the slow-mover gets fired. Also, a little afraid of Irma showing up, too!
sincerely, the Geezer

the photoSmith said...

i don't know which is funnier, your post or Irma's Husband's comment...

Rob V. said...

Just try to envision the tall scary dude in a muu muu. On second thought, don't.

Anonymous said...

BIG TOE said... Good thing you didn't get a look at her feet!