Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Technology

Never let it be said that this geezer doesn't try to keep up with the newest things. Well, sort of new things. You may have noticed that I changed the header to this esteemed blog, and changed the "recent posts" section. Just an effort to adapt to this changing internet thing.

So here is a look at something from Photobucket, a big, free (of course, if I'm using it) service to keep a mess of photos on.

So check out this slideshow. I just hope it doesn't mess with the dial-up contingent. Which I'm still a part of at home. Surprise surprise.


the photoSmith said...

so advanced! i won't tell how long it took to figure out how to get that there slide show on here (mainly b/c i was a part of that group)

aA said...

that'll do, writer!

Rob V. said...

Absolutely stunning pix, dude. Especially like the shot of the tomatoes. If I were a generous billionaire, I would get you a new Nikon D3 and a few new Nikon full-frame lenses. What wonders you could work if you had such a rig!