Friday, March 07, 2008

Really, What WAS I Thinking?

I mean really, Jack in The Box tacos, again? On purpose?

Yep, in a moment of weakness, fueled partly by guilt, partly by a gnawing hunger under my ribs, I succumbed to a twelve year-old's plea for off-brand tacos. She called while I was on my way home, and asked me what was for dinner. I looked at the ground and scuffed my foot, figuratively, of course (I was DRIVING at the time). I didn't know what we had, what was frozen and what was not, heck I didn't even know what in the refrigerator had gone south and what was holding fast.

"I just saw a commercial for Dairy Queen tacos," she intoned. Hmm, simple, sorta tasty, approved by everyboy at home. I told her I'd think about it.

Time went by, I stopped at the Credit Union to get the weekend cash and then see what happens. Well, the phone rang again with the same question, and since I don't know what I'm getting with Dairy Queen, I decided on Jack in the Box. The wee lass asked how many was I gonna get, and I countered with, "How many you gonna eat?" She said that the last time she ate four of them. Right.

I rolled up to JnB with the intent to purchase some tacos. Let's see, two for a dollar, I can eat about ten of them...four for the little one, that leaves, hmm, carry the one...let's get 18 of them, just cuz I don't want to break any more than a $10.

Without incident or surprise, I made the transaction and was soon on my way.

On arrival back at the Soderberg ranch, I instructed the hands to grab what they want, cuz I'm eating. My initial take was four, the small one took two at first, and the middle child sat on the internet. Ya shnooze, ya looze, sister.

I downed the first four, and went back for two more. #5 disappeared pretty quickly, and in the middle of it, I remembered what I thought of the last time; no matter how many you eat, you feel like you could eat some more.

After the next three (total of 8) I decided to stop. Immediately following that decision, I was fairly comfortable. No problem. I don't think I could eat anything else, but I'm pretty good.

Let me advise everyone literate enough to read this; don't eat more than seven Jack in the Box tacos at one sitting. Or in one week, whichever is the longest. Note the time of this post, and know that there is some (more) Arm and Hammer cocktail in the future prior to a (likely) fitful night of "sleep".

Eat warily, my friends. Don't fall prey to the wiles of twelve year-olds with access to televisions.


bigtoe said...

Love that Kangaroo meat! Today you will feel like a bloated baloon! Better take some Zantac.

aA said...

dr. bigtoe: NOW i know why i felt jumpy all day! you could work as a CSI...

are Equate antacid tablets good enough?

Rob V. said...

Yes, indiscretion can lead to indigestion. In the photo, is Jack placing an appreciation pin on your lapel, or is he pointing out barf stains (caused by JnB food)?

aA said...

neither, mr V...he's roughing me up for writing about his food in a negative light!