Friday, August 29, 2008

In a Fog

Yep, this past week, I have been living in a fog. And it’s not half-bad, really. Come to think of it, it’s pretty sweet! On THIRD thought, there’s probably nothing cooler!

No, I am not referring to an alcohol or drug-induced fog. That’s the self-destructive way.

Nay, the fog that I describe is the smoky poison that wafts from the business end of a mosquito fogger.

I got one last week, and every time I set foot outside, I just dare the dagger-mouthed demons to fly in my direction. “Go ahead, punks, make my day.” Where they used to ascend in a great buzzing cloud, they now rise in smaller formations of only the most seasoned and battle-hardened individuals out for man-blood.

But not mine; not today, ladies.

I fogged our house a couple of times on Saturday, then went to my Mother-in-law’s house to provide at least some relief from the swarming hordes of skeeters that have plagued her the last week or so. Then I returned home and spotted a couple more loners that just flew in on the Southwest breeze, and I gave them a little taste of my medicine.

Still not completely satisfied, I fogged my left-side neighbors’ front yard and entry-way, and then, just to make it even, fogged the right-side people’s flower bed and entry way. On the way back to my garage, I gave the boxwoods and hibiscus(es)(s) another snort of Black Flag, and made a quick dash down the concrete side of the house. The satisfying “ShhhHAAAAAf” rang in my rejoicing ears.

Sunday, I went to my sister’s house to repeat the steps. And of course, had to come back home to make sure the status quo was status quo-ing.

When I had gone to the store to make the purchase, the twenty-year-old kid working the register in the garden center asked if I had ever used the hose-end spray that kills mosquitoes in your grass. I remarked that a couple of neighbors had in the past, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. He told me that his parents used the sprayer and it lasted about six weeks.
So what’s the point? Even if fogging lasted six weeks, I’d do it every few days, just cuz I want to.

There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING manly about standing in the yard with a hose-end sprayer, probably killing pests. What IS manly, then? Trotting around purposefully with a smoking wand puffing a toxic flume into known hiding places of your target pest. And watching them fold their little wings and plummet earthward, as their little ghosts speed past them to the dark, fiery regions of Hades from whence they came.

Although I didn’t actually SEE their little wings fold, etc, since my eyes were full of tears and burning venom. But I know it was happening in the midst of the glorious vapor. I am sure I heard them coughing.

My eyes have recovered almost completely, and the odd copper taste in my mouth that caused everything I ate to resemble turnips in flavor and texture, is all but gone.

Just in time, too. I get to repeat the actions tomorrow.


DammitWomann said...

You are nutz....but I'd love to have you as a neighbor. It'd be like having live entertainment 24/7 out your window.


aA said...

Sorry Woman, we're not THAT exciting!

Anonymous said...

I think I can taste it from my house!I know that metal taste, it also comes from using snail bait around my flowers. Maybe I can trade you a few pork spare ribs that I am going to smoke tomorrow on my smoker for a few blast of that fogger around my place. I like smoke too, hickory smoke that is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry AA, we ate every spare rib in sight before you could make it out to my place with the fogger. Thanks for the offer.

aA said...

So, not a rib to spare? That's OK, I went to the BBQ cookoff in the Kroger parking some shrimp brocette and fajitas.

I still have fog if y'all need it!

Howlsatmoon said...

Killin' Pests and Varmint.....ah, no more Manly pursuit.....I envy you the Joy of the hunt.

By the way......heard of mosquitoes....saw a picture of one once......they're real?


aA said...

Wollf,we have mosquitoes on the Gulf Coast; your coast has more than your share of lefties, tree huggers and ACLU lawyers.

I'll stick with mosquitoes.

Howlsatmoon said...

Hmmm...I acede. You win this one, Sheriff.
Lefties = Game
Tree huggers = Set
Aclu Lawyers = Match.


Rob V. said...

Even with virtually every citizen in this area using sprays, fogs, etc. to fight against mosquitoes, there still seems to be always be millions of them just hanging around waiting to attack. Same way with fire ants. Same way with roaches. I think the Texas Gulf Coast will always be plagued with vast quantities of roaches, fire ants and mosquitoes no matter what. Just doesn't seem fair.