Monday, April 20, 2009

Cat Update: Happy Ending!

Well, the kitties did indeed get re-rescued by their biological mother. While she didn’t knock on the door she did come back for the kids. My girls are bummed, but I am relieved.

We left the kittens out in their box lid and let mama cat overcome her shyness; she did come and gather them back up. Every time we went out last evening to check on them, all I could see were a pair of eyes glowing from the bushes in the beam of my flashlight.

I went out this morning and got the puddin' scared out of me when the black mama cat jumped and hissed at me like some wild, evil spirit flying from the shadows. Lucky I didn't kick her over the fence. Of course, that's hard to do when you're jumping backward with chill-bumps colliding with each other all over your body! She had obviously secured her progeny and for some reason was returning to the scene, possibly to make sure the mittens were recovered as well.

Ms. Kitty had a home under our shed anyhow, I think. We had a frog-strangler rain on Saturday and I think that they just got displaced temporarily. My 13 year-old found them before the mom got back with her FEMA voucher.

I am, once again, a free man. No kittens in the house, no cat food to buy, and hopefully, the family will control the “abundant wildlife” that is in the neighborhood. Sometimes this wildlife finds its way into our attic or pantry. If these cats are going to illegally squat under my shed, they need to make themselves useful. Especially after the fright that mama gave me this morning.

Dang cat.


innominatus said...

Heh! Just wait 'til the little ones are big enough to run around and act cute and stuff. You may just end up with a kitty in the house after all.

And thanks for the kind words. I'm not impressed with Obama but at least he gives me some fun ideas to write about.

the photoSmith said...

FEMA voucher! HAHAHAHA!! Great series of posts...notice I consider three in a row a series now...! Glad you're kitten-less for now.

Howlsatmoon said...

Cute story. And don't be too PC, it doesn't befit you. When raising the word FEMA in humor, anyone who pulld the "R" word is indeed one themselves.

I agree with PS....a Series!!! What, were you on spring break?

DammitWomann said...

ha ha ha "the mittens recovered" .. how cute is that.

I have never heard of a "frog strangler" rain storm before.

Gonna use it for sure.

invigilator_tex said...

Heeeeeeeeeeer kitty, kitty, kitty, k-k-k-k, kitty.

You tube an old Tom and Jerry cartoon short called "Pecos Pest". I think you'll love it.

Rob V. said...

From your post: "I went out this morning and got the puddin' scared out of me when the black mama cat jumped and hissed at me like some wild, evil spirit flying from the shadows."
Reminds me of the time when we were on vacation in Colorado & I was taking trash to a dumpster (at night). Rounded a corner, about to chunk the bag of trash, only to find a large black bear blocking my path to the dumpster. Found out what it means to be paralyzed with fear.