Friday, April 17, 2009

Golden Memories

Memory is a funny thing, especially for the geezer. For the important things; an onion, toilet paper, paper towels, angel hair pasta, butter and ummmm, what else was I supposed to get?, the memory is an unreliable sense at best.

But for the “unimportant” things; the smell of “vampire blood” that you got for Halloween, what that girl’s favorite headband looked like, the feeling of the sand eroding in fast motion from under your feet and hands as the Gulf waves recede from the beach, the memory is a beautiful, golden picture frame.

We all had great times when we were 16 or 17 when we were at our best. Those days stick in our heads more tenaciously than the grocery list or, in certain situations, the correct names of our children.

My old buddy Charley D. up in Oregon has a blog, Skippin’ Rocksand there resides a series of posts, four to be exact, that start to chronicle the beginnings of his love of playing music. I need all of you fellow geezers, and interested non-geezers, to go over in a couple of spare minutes and read Charley’s thoughts.

Cereal. It was cereal that I was supposed to get. Cap'n Crunch. Yeah.
Be sure to scroll all the way down to the very first section, or you'll miss the beginning of the story, and obviously that's pretty important!


charleyd said...

I LOVE Cap'n Crunch! it sure tears the hell out of your gums though. gums be damned! I'm gonna put it my shopping list for tomorrow.

Thanks for the mention, Bud! I hope your friends come by and visit my blog, leave a comment, and feel my story the way I did.

Stepsistah said...

I'm another year into geezerette heaven. Enjoy your ramblings and miss working with you.

Howlsatmoon said...

0230 Hours, awoke with a burning hunger, stumbled through the new house to the kitchen, couldn't find the dang light switch, opened the pantry and loaded up on what I thought in the dark was Apple was Cap'n Crunch for the Cubs.

Hadn't had it before, but it was Yummy....though Charley is right about the gums......