Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a Victim.

A victim of Warner Brothers cartoons, specifically Bugs Bunny. I enter into evidence the fact that Monday, while dutifully working on workish work, I was listening to Rossini’s Barber of Seville. There was a concrete job being done in the parking lot by a guy using a jackhammer.

The problem is, that even while working on workish work, my mind conjured the image of the unseen worker in the parking lot, manically wielding a giant jackhammer, with his feet coming off the ground, bouncing all around, in time to the music. Purely unintentional, but some of the pauses in his hammering coincided with the pace of the music. I was watching a cartoon in my head.

I also saw Bugs Bunny abusing poor Elmer Fudd with the mud pack on his face in the barber chair, cracking it with the chisel and hammer. Which progressed to the scalp massage, fertilizer and flowers sprouting from Elmer’s head. The chase scene in the barber chairs. And “You’re so next”…

This is my life. Fully 25% of my observations are easily relatable or reminiscent of some Warner Brothers animated situation. A quote, a picture, anything.

Everybody has a burden to bear. If mine is to be a giant 11 year-old that likes a 75 year-old rabbit, then so be it. I guess there are worse things I could be.

Like Daffy Duck. Now there’s a jerk…


innominatus said...

Heh. My ringtone is Ride of the Valkyries. Every time my wife calls me I start thinking of Elmer with the viking hat singing "Kill da wabbit!"

aA said...

I haven't gone THAT far over the edge, but I do think of that scene every time!

invigilator_tex said...


My barber has one of the cells from that hair cutting scene on his wall. Up there alongside the mounted bass and Texans cheerleaders calendar.

I love that place!

innominatus said...

I just crossed the line of becoming 40 years old a few days ago. Do I now qualify for geezerhood? I feel like it. Example:

I know everybody has a subjective leaning towards thinking things were better back in our "good ol' days." So maybe my opinion is slanted when I say that today's cartoons stink. The stuff that was on when I was a kid was well done - good animation and decent story lines. Between features there was Schoolhouse Rock. I STILL know the Preamble of the Constitution because of Schoolhouse Rock.

But today we have spongebob and other crap that is just brainless. Crummy art. Stupid plots. Nothing the least bit educational except an occasional environmentalism message. Garbage!
Is that grizzled and bitter enough to qualify as a geezer?

aA said...

Tex: sounds like a great barber, if not for cutting hair (i've seen yours!) at least for a sense of culture! "Let me cut your mop, let me shave your crop; daintily, daaaiintily..."

Innominatus: I have been a geezer since I'm 19, so yes, you seem to qualify on so many points. Yes, old cartoons=great. new cartoons=waste of time, on both ends.

I may need to come up with an SAT for Geezitude... hmm, has merit, but sounds like a lot of work. nevermind.

charleyd said...

There is no cartoon that beats "Bugs Bunny."

If I remember right, they were the first ones to fall victim to the world of PC.

innominatus, You may have never seen my favorite episode in the way it was originally produced, but I'm sure you which one I'm talking about.

I don't remember who the bad guy was, but I think it was Blaque Jacques Chirac. I'm not sure, anymore.

It was the episode where the bad guy challenges Bugs to a shootin' contest in the bar. The bad guy threw a tin can up in the air and shoots six holes in it.

After the edited PC version, Bugs' gun (when fired) plugged all the holes with corks.

In the original version, Bugs drew a bead on the can after it was thrown up in the air, and followed it all the way down until he got a great shot in the face of the bad guy! And Then BLAM!!!

I laughed my butt off!

I sure miss those good ones!

Yosemite Sam! ...YAY!!!

aA said...

HA! I remember that one, CD! Fantastic cartoon.

Yep and the one where Bugs is on the island in the South Pacific...that's all I can say, but I don't think that they even show that one ANYWHERE any more.

Howlsatmoon said...

Bugs Bunny.....whoa, the Philosopher will now strike.

Since you've been with my blog since the "troubles", you may remember that in my side bar I have that Meyers-Briggs personality test.....

I turned out a strong ENTP, while the X was an INTJ.

Fictional characters, srsly, for the two types:

ENTP = Bugs Bunny
INTJ = Hannibal Lecter

Wonder how I lasted twenty years without being eaten.

*oh wait, NOBODY eats Bugs....*

charleyd said...

Ha! I think I know which one you were talking about, aA. Was it the one called 'Nip The Nips'? <---Not Gone from this world Yet!

One of the funniest things I've heard about Bugs Bunny from Hollywood since the cartoons dissappeared completely, was when Dana Carvey asked Mike Myers, in the movie, 'Waynes World,' something to the affect of: 'In the old Bugs Bunny shows, did you ever get turned on when bugs dressed up like a girl?' --Classic!!! Absolutely Classic!!!