Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wordy Guy X

That's "X" as in "Ten", not something naughty. You guys know me better than that...

Yes, looking back, it was back in June '08 since last we heard from our Wordy Guy. Here is his latest puzzle-ette.

Answer in the comments, first correct answer in order gets bragging rights and not really much else. As if "bragging rights" for this blog is not an oxymoron. Anyhow, no cheating.

A. A sleeveless garment worn as an apron or a dress

B. A light sailing ship

C. A thin, light-weight saber

Well, knowing the author and readers of this blog, I suppose a straight answer would be outside the realm of possibility.
Innominatus seems to be the unclear winner, he confessed to looking up the answer, but his mini-narrative was hilarious. I almost prefer it to the real answer, which up until the time I read the first entry was a simple B, a light sailing ship. In fact, I am contemplating changing the rules. The entries should/might/could be accompanied by a sentence putting the word in question to good use, made up or not.


innominatus said...

Does it still count if I had to google it? Is that cheating, or is it industriously making use of available resources?

Anyway, the correct answer is all of the above. Michelle Obama wears a designer Pinnace with a Pinnace in a scabbard on her belt, as she commands her little pirate Pinnace around the coast of Somalia.

The Scottish captain of the vessel she attacked is reported to have said "those pirates have become such a nuisance... They're a royal Pinn in the Ace."

the photoSmith said...

wow! i've gotta agree with innominatus but if i've gotta choose...i'm guessin' A?

invigilator_tex said...

C. Saber

Rob V. said...

Hi, I'm Rob, the genuine Wordy Guy. I say put 5 Blue Stars by the name of Innominatus for coming up with a definition that's a lot better than the actual definition. I was drinking coffee when I read it, and I'm still recovering from laughing so hard that I spit coffee through my nostrils.

Howlsatmoon said...

Aaaaagh, late to the party....I immediately figured it was somebody who catered with a specialty in PIES, you know,

"PI--National Association of Catering Executives"

But, I guess I was wrong again.

You stopped giving out shrubbery for prizes?