Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sounds Like...

The mind of a smart aleck is a terrible thing to have trapped in your skull. You who know me have heard what comes out of my mouth when the muse inspires.

On Thursdays in the office, we have a “snack day”, mostly just to feel better about the work week. We have half days Friday throughout the summer, so it’s a nice distraction to have food within easy reach to get ready for the slightly longer weekend.

My friend Sparky brought in some fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. We had some fresh basil as well, so the salad was a big hit. She decided to leave the olive oil up at the office for other snack days.

So much for the setup.

On Friday, our office manager strolled past the table we had the food products on the Thursgraze Snack Day. As she notice the olive oil bottle, she inquired about the owner.

Now, the way she worded it was crucial to my response, otherwise, I wouldn’t have said anything, or it just wouldn’t be funny.

Her exact words were, “Whose olive oil?” to which I replied instantly, “She’s Popeye’s girlfriend…why?”

She laughed heartily, and a couple of others moaned. I think that they were just jealous. You see, they’re smart alecks, too, and to get beaten to a perfectly laid out straight line was too much for their egos.

Reminds me of the “electric cat” episode of a couple of years ago.

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innominatus said...

I can TOTALLY relate. I am constantly trying to stifle the sarcastic line that is trying to force its way out of my mouth. Usually I'm successful. Usually.

An recent example of "not successful":

Last week we had a visiting evangelist preach at our church. His flight had been delayed, so he *barely* got to the church in time to change clothes and head to the pulpit. He remarked that he'd left his glasses in the restroom when he was changing, so I as usher headed to the restroom to retrieve them.

A few minutes later he said he needed his phone, too. I jumped up to get it and he joked "while you're at it can you get me a blizzard from Dairy Queen?" I said "Sorry, I threw all my money in the plate!" The words were still echoing off the walls when I realized that probably didn't sound very good. Then I figured the whole thing was just a joke, 'cuz that's kind of this preacher's style, so I didn't get the phone. A few minutes later he asked for the phone and I said "I thought you were kidding" as I jumped up to go get it. Then he said "Yeah, and I bet YOU were kidding about throwing it all in the plate!"

The place erupted in laughter. I wanted to disappear.