Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wordy Guy X!

Yes, the ever-sensational Wordy Guy has bestowed another puzzle gift on us. On you, I mean, I already knowed what this one means.

As always, do your best, dig deep in your brains, and NO CHEATING...


A. Extremely ridiculous

B. Extremely mournful

C. Extremely humorous

And remember, last time Innominatus got the actual Wordy Guy to chork on his java with the dandy usage guess.

I'll have the answer and winners on Monday nite!

Well, here it is Monday night, and as promised I am announcing the winner of the Wordy Guy XI, or "X!" as I have in the title (on purpose)(really, I did it on purpose).

This is going to be difficult, since Innominatus came in first with an answer that very well could indicate that he knew the meaning of "lugubrious". But I can't let him drift through on his lightning-quick smart aleck answers forever. So this week's bragging rights goes to Falcon. His "process of elimination" educated guess was right on the money.

While Joe Biden's hair could be described as "extremely mournful", it wasn't decisive enough for the win.

And I mention "money" just as an expression, as you know there are no monetary prizes issued here.

Just a warm feeling of questionable accomplishment. So Falcon, revel in your moment. Thanks for playing!


innominatus said...

Gonna guess "C" 'cuz I don't know that one.

If I were on Jeopardy and I was given those three multiple-choice answers, my question to Alex would be "What is Joe Biden's Hair?"

"Use the new Just For Joe volumizing shampoo and conditioner for thick, lugubrious hair.

aA said...

Ah, sorry, but you can't plug your new product ideas on my blog.

Sorry Trebek, that is funny but incorrect.

Falcon said...

Without being comical or ludicrous, I will sadly say "B"

Anonymous said...
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