Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Battle of the Blades

I got a razor in the mail from the good people at Gillette yesterday. It’s one of those razors with more blades than a ninja movie. Five blades in one row and another on the back for “those tricky places” (their words), whatever that means. I think they are referring to the tight spots next to your beard or moustache or sideburns or eyebrows or ear hairs.

This morning, the magnificent Fusion Razor made its maiden voyage across my face. At first I was torn between fear of the stack of razor sharp steel I was about to drag around on my skin, and disbelief at any benefit the extra three blades could possibly afford in the simple job of cutting tiny hairs.

Intrepidly, I crashed on, lathered up and grasped the new gadget. The first few swipes were smooth and uneventful, careful as I was not to slice my throat or jawline. I noticed that it was indeed very smooth, and the built-in suspension system (thus the $12.00 price tag) kept me from pushing too hard. That prevents razor burn, which is always a plus. As I continued to shave I noticed that I nearly enjoyed the act. I was ever aware, however, that the sheer number of blades, should they decide to rebel, would make for a very dramatic morning, indeed.

My review of the New Multi-Bladed wonder called the Gillette Fusion Razor is favorable indeed. While I still had to go over my face two or three times, the shave was smooth and uneventful, thank God! The last thing you want at 0645 is an eventful shave.

But it’s nearly noon and I suspect that I’ll have to repeat the procedure tomorrow, same time, same place. For the price of the razor and refill blades (8 blades, $25+!) I feel one should have to shave no more than twice a week.

But that’s just one uninformed goober’s opinion.

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artBYrgf said...

have u thought of using a laser?