Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Uber-Razor, Day 7

Yesterday was a little hasty, in retrospect. I must have hurried or pressed too hard to get cut, because today was not as bad. There is but one small spot of my lifeblood on my neck.

I took it easy today, and the shave was smoother. But after talking to Mr.V, (he got a Fusion in the mail, too) we concluded that the phenomenal number of blades necessitated a constant "rinse" action that was heretofore unprecedented in the annals of shaving. He noted that the act of plowing through all that lather only clogged it up, calling for the need for the seemingly obsessive/compulsive act.

But, I fear, the end is near. Any nick, slight as it is, indicates that the razor is beginning the inevitable breakdown. Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy. The Razor Blade Corollary; no matter how much you like a particular blade (or blades), when used, it (they) will dull, and eventually cut your face to ribbons.

More tomorrow.

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