Monday, February 26, 2007

Razor Update

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were perhaps the best shaving days I have experienced in my long and checkered shaving career. I thought that the free, overpriced uber-razor would be so much fluff. Big package, lots of blades, marketing push that rivals Microsoft.

But I absolutely love this razor. The difference between this weapon and the cheap dual-bladers I normally buy is comparable to the Toyota Corolla and the Lexus-whatever-top-of-the-line model. The normal Gillette twin blades are functional and inexpensive. They cut the hairs that grow out of my face. The Fusion King-of-all-razors cuts the hairs, too. But in such a smooth, even, non-nicking way that I dread the day when it no longer performs the function to the high standards that were exhibited on the first couple of days.

Like this morning, for example. I have two small spots of blood on either side of my neck, shouting to me that the Fusion honeymoon is all but over. The slight razor burn rash on the right side of my neck is further evidence that we shall soon part ways.

Not that I don't think it's the best thing since bacon, but there is only so long you can shave with a free five blade razor. Oh, six blades (remember the superfluous blade for those "tricky places"). But at $25 for an eight-pack of refills, I think the five dollar ten-pack of blue disposable twins will suffice. Even though there are a total of 48 actual blades in the Fusion pack, there are 50 actual blades in the pack of blues.

And in a geezer's book, 50 divided by five dollars beats the heck out of 48 divided by 25 dollars any day. Who said I wasn't good at math?

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