Thursday, December 06, 2007

Birthday Notice

Yes, believe it or not, it has been 17 years since we were blessed with my second daughter. Looking at the old pictures, it doesn't seem so long. But when I sit and think about the amount of time that has gone by, my knees hurt.

She's a great swimmer, water polo animal, witty and pretty. Full of funny one-liners and smarty-pants remarks (where'd she get THAT?) you have to be close by to hear them, but they're hilarious.

Happy Birthday, Katie!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday katie from big daddy butch and miss rene!!...we're in florida trying to see a space shuttle luck yet but we have until saturday...hope you had a great day!!!

Desiree S. said...


Stepsistaahhh said...

Katie, Sorry that I didn't get to this earlier. Happy Birthday! (It's been a long, long time ago but I met you at the office with your Dad...once upon a time.)