Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wood Smoke

I went across the street to see my neighbor a while ago, and he was getting ready to smoke some sort of meat. He and his wife were tending the fire, and during our conversation, the smoke enveloped us. I was standing in the sun and the cool wind was blowing. It reminded me of camping many years ago.

Later, my daughter (broken elbow) made a trip to my parents' house for some sewing work that needed to be done on a choir dress. Not mine.

My jacket smelled of smoke, and I asked my Dad to smell it, and then I asked him to smell it and tell me what it reminded him of. He gave the correct response: it smelled like camping at Lake Sam Rayburn, more specifically, Ebeneezer Park.

That was the place where we used to go in the late fall and winter to camp, when we had the campground nearly all to ourselves. The giant pine trees would drop enormous pine cones, which we would gather and bring home to GranMommy for her stash.

It's funny how the nose leads you down memory lane so quickly!


Falcon said...

Not only smell but sight also can educe distant memories.

Do you remember the movie "A Perfect World". They shot a scene at the very spot we used to camp with you and your family at Little Arkansas.

Even though the movie wasn't much to write about, I still remember when Clint Eastwood was sitting on that rock, in the old campsite, it brought back a ton of great memories on the Blanco!!!

invigilator_tex said...

I smoked a turkey this past Thanksgiving. But of course I didn't inhale...

Howlsatmoon said...

Good one, I_Tex.

The sense of smell is one of our most amazing, and taken for granted senses.

I may write a bit about it...just imagine the odors that follow us...

Seaweed on the beach means vacation. Wet creosote bush means the rain is coming....

Good post as usual young fellah.