Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adios Cinder

Adios, Mi Amiga

Well, in our office, the double-edged sword of luck has made its return pass. Two and a half years ago, good fortune smiled on us and Our Cindy got here as a web writer. We were privileged to acquire such a clever, intelligent and dynamic addition to our team. Now she is leaving. Dang it.

Cindy had reluctantly ascended to the bullseye that is the Director of Publications. An impossible job with impossible demands and no real authority to get things the way they are supposed to work. She has done as well as anyone could do in that position. And all the while, we still like her. THAT’s an accomplishment.

Cindy is mischief incarnate. She can’t be trusted in situations where decorum and conventional wisdom dictate straight faces. Ever-ready to instant message me with a comment that makes me either nearly spew my water/coffee in the direction of my monitor or suppress a laugh until it makes me koff-out-loud, the infamous KOL. I even snorted once. Once. JUST ONCE! pretty much.

With impeccable taste in music and great trivia and pun skills, CinderGonz will likely liven up her new place of employment before she takes over and makes them all Cindy converts who would never trade her for anything.

Here, we will be sad, and although she doesn’t take up hardly any space physically, she fills the office with amusement, a quick smile and contagious laugh.

Oh yeah, and she’s a good writer, too. I guess that’s how she escaped.

We will sorely miss you, Cindy, but stay tuned for bulletins and updates as they occur. We could never replace you, because if we tried, you just wouldn’t come back!


Amie said...

I haven’t been here long, but it’s been long enough for me to recognize that coming into the office tomorrow will SUCK! Cindy is one of those people that you can count on to make you laugh when that’s the last thing you want to do. She will be missed!

the photoSmith said...

Dang is this really happening... I mean we can always lock her in her office and just not let her leave. She'll definitely be missed!!! SUCKY!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like that position should come with a disclaimer for future applicants:

"Warning, position will include impossible demands, untold hours of (unpaid) overtime and laughable salary."

All who are interested run for your life.

aA said...

a daring and concise comment, "anonymous"...