Saturday, January 12, 2008

OMG, Funny stuff

OK, I have this Sitemeter that I can log on to and see where the visitors come from, what url referred them and if there was a Google search or whatever led them to the venerable GeezerChron.

SOooOOoo, awhile back, you may remember that I reviewed a quaint little BBQ joint by the name of The Naked Rib in Manvel. I have been getting a lot of hits on that particular archive from October, and they are coming from all parts of the country, continent, and even Europe! I am truly international, it seems. The only thing is, Sitemeter shows the duration of the visit, and a great number of them (usually not from around here) come for less than a second.

Then it dawned on me; Mr. Google picks up words that are Googled, and apparently, my title seems to show up in, ah, unSEEMLY searches. When the clicker sees that my review is for food and there is a coy little pink pig on a welcome mat, they go someplace else.

This cracks me up. I am thinking of slyly naming some of my other posts to frustrate the obviously already frustrated web sufers out there across this sick, nasty globe of ours.

The Washing Machine post comes up about the same amount, indicating to me that there must be a lot of dirty people out there!

It's fun to get our fun in funny ways!


invigilator_tex said...

Geezer's bait and switch. This place is just chock full of wholesome goodness. Nothing for pervs or degenerates here, folks. Sorry to have waisted your second.

Yep, the world wide web is one big freak show.

aA said...

tex: not technically bait and switch...the "rib" post was innocent and the "washing machine" post was not meant to be instructive.

but you're right about the freak show!