Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold Start to 2008

Yes, this morning was the coldest of this entire winter, which started yesterday. The newspeople were clamoring about the lows being bitterly cool, as opposed to the normal "tepid" for this time of year on the Texas Gulf Coast.

There were, however, reports of just barely sub-freezing temps all up and down the coast and inland, mainly. There was even a report of 17 degrees at the windshield factory in Conroe.

In Alvin this morning there was no ice in sight, save for the frost-ish sheen on the roof of my car. But the dawn was really beautiful, before it turned gray. Glad I was up.
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invigilator_tex said...

The closest thing to ice in Deer Park this morning was the crumbling remnants of G's Ice House on Hwy 225. My fall tomatoes, plumerias and other assorted tropicals came through the night with flying colors. Nary a hint of ol' Jack Frost to be found. Should be about 80 degrees by the weekend.

It's time to plant spring tomato seeds in flats, watch Paper White Narcissus bloom and start planning a summer vacation. Winter is so fleeting in our neck of the woods. The days are already getting longer and promises of sweltering heat are just around the corner.

So for those of us who were bred for colder climes these nippy days are to be relished.

Happy 2008 to ya, Geez.