Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Vindication and The Grace Period


I was driving along, minding my own business this lovely overcast evening, on my second trip to The Discount Warehouse Hangar, when a police cruiser behind me lit up his lights. I was just about to pull into the parking lot anyhow, and so I went ahead and drove in and snagged an open space. The police car was close in behind me, and he turned on his spotlight to make the inside of my little car like high noon. I remembered a police sergeant friend of mine telling me that the best way to avoid getting shot, beat up or tazered is to sit still and wait for the officer to ASK for license and proof of insurance; don’t immediately dive for the glove box or grab for your wallet. Just wait until they can see every move you are making. Especially at night. Everyone feels better about the situation.

So, officer Green nonchalantly strolled up and asked for my license, since my proof of liability card was in the visor. He had his 4 cell light handy and casually checked my stickers. He did a double, threeple, fourple-take and said, “Did you just get this?”

“Yeah, December 30...” grinning. I was beginning to feel pretty sly at this point.

“Hmm, well, the computer says that you’re expired. I guess you’re not in the system yet. If you get stopped again, that’ll be why,” he said, grinning.

Before I could stop it, the triumphant “HAH!” escaped my foolishly grinning mug. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had put the tazer up my nose. But he must be a generous soul, and I thank him for that.

Just for your information, the Grace Period is over. Get your tags and inspections up to date.


Desiree S. said...

nice. my dad knows how to get out of a ticket!

the photoSmith said...

Lucky! It seems like no matter what I always get a ticket when I get pulled over (of course that could be because i'm usually hitting about 95mph when the cops see me), but those days are long gone now with a kiddo in the car.

aA said...

yeah, mr photo, when he sees your red, bleary eyes, he'll suspect something. if he sees evidence of a baby in the car, you're spared the indignity of "stupid human tricks" at the roadside.

i'm just lucky that i thought of the sticker before last night!

invigilator_tex said...

Bad boy, bad boy; what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they put the taser on you?

You know the computer is ALWAYS right. Check your pulse, Geez. You may well be past your expiration date...