Thursday, April 24, 2008

International Hug A Swede Day

Yes, I have on good authority (Mikael Hansson [a born-in-Sweden-Swede] to be exact) that today is International Hug A Swede Day.

This is long overdue, in light of all the Olle and Sven jokes out there and the Wally Walrus portrayals of Swedes. Ve need to rise up and be counted. And hugged, by golly! Yiminy Crickets, this is precisely the sort of thing that will show us as what we are; by and large a very huggable and lovable people with a proud heritage of hugging and such.

And who wouldn’t want to hug one or more of us? I know I like hugging Swedes. My girls are very huggy people, as is my Dad. However, since I outweigh and tower over nearly everyone on the immediately recognizable-as-a-Swede list, I am careful not to squash anyone. This could be an issue, believe me. If I were to lose my footing or carelessly grab and squeeze, somebody would get hurt. Crushing someone is less a display of affection and more of a display of aggression.

I am a Swede, by way of Texas City and Alvin, TX, but of Swedish lineage nonetheless. So if you see ME or my DAD, or any of my KIDS, give them a HUG.

And hurry. We’re running out of time for today. Of course, I may extend the celebration to a whole week, if necessary.


Anonymous said...

YA, I'm a Svede, too...I'm huggy...
skol, svenska!

Howlsatmoon said...

aA....Please forward all Swedish Ladies toward your immediate West, care of Wollf.

It's the least you can do. I never did get my shrubbery.

Oh, and because we're friends...I shall volunteer to hug the entire Swedish Bikini Team for you.

I'm a giver......

aA said...

Sis, sorry for leaving you owt...I was typing in between doing works!

Wollf: You won't get your shrubbery until you win a Wordy Guy; sorry, rules is rules, but I may have to enlist you as a definition-maker. You have a knack for making up believable-sounding junk!

invigilator_tex said...

Where I come from, we called the rutabaga "swede". I am probably one of the few people in Texas who likes the taste of this lowly root crop. Give one a try, Geez; you might just like 'em better than J in the B tacos.

aA said...

well tex, i also have a "swede tooth", and if rutabagas are sweet, then i'll eat one.

BUT, and that's a big "but", if they taste at all like cooked turnips, you can keep 'em.

don't try to trick me into eating nasty vegetables by invoking the name of the Fatherland!

aA said...

Wollf, the only Swedish Ladies i have on hand are my daughters, and you won't be getting any forwards of THEM!

I only got 2 hugs yesterday, and it was from the only 2 Swedish Ladies i have left at home, so no, i can't let them go anywhere.

Howlsatmoon said...

Okey dokey then, some clarification.....1) Wollf does not hug Rutabagas....been a long and established my revered Amerind Grandfather "always" said, "Wollf, always remember....Roots is roots."

Have no idea what he meant, but he said it and of course he was revered.

Secondly.....hugs for Swedes, unless they are members of the Bikini Team....are always, and completely of a chaste nature.

Grandfather never said anything about that, but because I'm partial to dark haired's easy enough.

Define if you will....Mister "I'm stingy with my Shrubbery Awards"...

Portligious Predilection?
Heh....damm stingy Swedes.....KIDDING

Rob V. said...

I am amazed at all the _______ Days or ________ Weeks that people or organizations come up with. Didja know that there is a National Pickle Day? What cha supposed to do, eat a buncha pickles, or just get pickled? Didja also know that there is actually a National Hairball Day? I'm not making this up. Google it and see for yourself. I have no idea how a person can celebrate National Hairball Day.

aA said...

Mr V, according to Tom Koch at ABC 13, TODAY is Hairball Day!

yuk! kak!