Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Wordy Guy (IX)

I have been SUPER BIZZY at work and my iMac @ home is "on hiatus", hence the scarcity of blogging of late...So here's another Wordy Guy for your brain to ponder on.

REMEMBER — No consulting any kind of dictionary or reference material.


A) An official who served as a mediator of disputes in medieval England

B) Weird or eerie

C) A medicinal herb that grows wild in New Zealand

As always, put your guesses in the comments. I know that a lot of you are thinking about it, so just make your guess. You'll learn something either way!

Yes, one of the Cactus clan got the right answer, Miss Sus chose correctly; it's "B" Weird or eerie". As always, I appreciate the readers and the guessers playing my lame little game. Hey, it's either this or check your Facebook account all afternoon, right?

Of course.


cactus mary said...

I pick #3 and Sus thinks it's #2.

cactus mary said...

one more comment from the peanut gallery: T man votes for A.

aA said...

So am i to gather that the entire Cactus family has voted for every one, so in ANY case, we will have a winning Cacti?

good thinking, cuz one of you is right.

Howlsatmoon said...

Obviously, it's "other" again.

Eldritch: That spot that a geezer can't quite reach to scratch, typically between the shoulder blades...also pronounced "Elder Itch"

You know I'm here for you......

Where's the meme?

Do I get my shrubbery yet?

Desiree S. said...

I think its a

Anonymous said...

I think it is "A" and you can give a shrubbery to howlsatmoon if I win.

the photoSmith said...

B, it's rather eldritch that no one except Sus has voted for the right answer yet...

Andrew said...

I think that the answer is B, Bob. No wait... one dollar Bob.