Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wordy Guy VII

Yeah, so here's another Wordy Guy.

Suffice to say, it's April Fool's Day, perfectly appropriate for me, and I hope to fool you into guessing the wrong word.

Please enter in the comments, and no more lame excuses, all you have to do is "sign in as "other"".

Tsan tsa
A) an alcohol-soaked gauze for cleaning wounds
B) a primitive native ritual
C) a shrunken head

Play for fabulous prizes! No cheating!

The answer is C, a shrunken head.

RobV is the winner, the first with the correct answer. He will receive a hat full of nothing, minus the hat. That's the kind of hat I wear every day.

There is a dispute by a non-commenter; she maintains that the tsan tsa IS the ritual of MAKING a shrunken head, but I dismissed her. It's MY game. And specifically, the definition didn't specify any particular ritual, and since the ritual is named for the artifact created, the answer remains "C".


invigilator_tex said...

Ooh, ooh..I vote B ritual. George Carlin once said, "Think how dumb the average person is; then realize half the population is dumber than that guy."

Happy April Geezer's day, Fool.

Rob V. said...

My guess is C (a shrunken head), simply because one word is a shrunken form of the other word (is that logical, or what)?

the photoSmith said...

I'm going with A, only because no one else has...

Anonymous said...

Ummm....very twicky but I'm gonna hafta agree with Rob and have C be my final answer. Let me know how I'll be receiving the fabo prize! Thanks aA!

Desiree S. said...


Howlsatmoon said...

Other, People.....sheesh.

According to Tibetan myth and folklore, Tsan Tsa is a red robed monk who travels down the mountain passes and leaves toys and treats for the children once a year.

He always places the toys in their ceremonial Tsok Tsings.

Send prize now. Maybe a shrubbery for the new Wollfs Lair?

aA said...

Sorry Mr. Wollf, you can't make up your own definition, vote on it, AND win the fabulous prize!


Thanks for reading!

Rob V. said...

Believe me, my answer was truly just a wild guess. aA, you did a great job of coming up with believable alternative defs. Racked my brain trying to come up with the right answer. Think I'll go see a tsan tsa-ologist (Congo term for a psychiatrist).

Howlsatmoon said...

*no shrubbery then, huh?*

durnnation, didn't figger on all that book learnin' and such....

Really wanted a shrubbery.

Anonymous said...