Thursday, April 10, 2008

Really Windy in Texas

Quick thought this morning: it's really, really windy today down here on the coast. They say that some nasty weather is brewing, with us in the sights.

North Texas has already dealt with "suspected tornados". What the heck is a "suspected tornado"? And why does it matter?

Are the authorities out there looking for these suspects? What are they going to do to them when they catch them? Seed them and make them rain out? I think that would be capital punishment. I suppose they would just be locked up (where?) and simply wait till they dissipate on their own. With no appeals.

Back here, the wind is so strong, I saw it peel an unripened plum. A horse standing in a field facing the wrong way was turned inside out.

I sent my petite 12 year old to school with a rock in her pocket. Just as a precaution.


Howlsatmoon said...

I heerd thet Ol' Pecos Bill had his self a sneezin' fit this mornin'.

Might be a suspect of interest, dontcha know.....

Batten down the hatches there Geez.

bigtoe said...

I suspect the weather reporter is over reacting again! I suspect the Weather Doppler 3000 is wrong again! I suspect they want to keep us tooned into their severe weather station. I suspect it was just a normal windy day in April. Dont' you remember flying your kite in April when you were just a kid? After May you will not have enough wind to fly a kite in Texas unless you live on the coast.

Howlsatmoon said...'re never safe my Friend..."Tag, you're it"

Oh, you're gonna cuss me something fierce....

Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Suzanne said...

I too wonder what the heck a "suspected tornado" is? Maybe the forecaster is predicting that the tornado feels guilty for passing through?? Or maybe it's that the tornado's shape is that of a question mark, so it looks suspectible?? But hello from San Francisco! Our weather here actually conducts magic sometimes! When there's thick fog in the air, the Golden Gate Bridge just somehow disappears! Like, hey, who did dat? ;)

aA said...

Suzanne, welcome to GeezerChron! Yes, if we didn't have weather, what would we talk about in those awkward interludes with people we hardly know?

The Astros, that's what. And I don't even like baseball. Good thing we have weather!