Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fantastic Day

It was a beautiful day today, after the rain last week, and the heat/humidity, today's weather was nothing short of spectacular. After church, my girls and I went and used up the last of my Starbucks gift card. Three drinks, two "tall" and one "grande"...$11 dollars and some-odd cents. They were "free" so that's not so bad. We sat outside and drank our expensive almost-coffee drinks.

My youngest went to a skate party; my middle girl drove us around. We went driving for awhile after the drop-off, the back roads were quiet and the air was sweet and cool.

When we drove back into the neighborhood, we saw some kids with a sprinkler in the driveway wearing their bathing suits running around in the water. In February.

If you are reading this from Minnesota or Ohio or somewhere in the Northeast; Sorry.

If you are reading from anywhere else on the Gulf Coast or Florida, you know what I'm talkin' about. I love winter here.


the photoSmith said...

Southern winters are the best! Where else can you wear shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas day?!

Rob V. said...

Yes, one of our best-kept secrets is our weather. For 7 months (October through April) we can have some of the best weather in the world. I particularly like it along about January when the wind is from the north and there's very low humidity and it's sunny, with a pleasant breeze and the temp is about 60 degrees. Of course, we pay for it with 5 months of torture from May through September. Suggestion: go to your e-mail calendar and on the date Aug. 15, 2008 reserve a space with this memo: "revisit aA's weather blog from Feb. 25." That way, whenever you are grumbling about the 100 degree temp and the 98 percent humidity you will remind yourself that the miserable, suffocating, muggy days will not last forever.

invigilator_tex said...

I love to call my extended family that live near the Canadian border and brag about our lovely Gulf Coast winter weather. Every conversation goes something like, "It's snowing up there? Well we're in the backyard barbequing. Yeah, the kids are in shorts. What's that you say? The pipes froze AGAIN??!"

Of course I'm not such a braggart come July, but heck, I've gotten used to the heat and humidity. It gives me a good excuse for not doing anything too strenuous for a good portion of the year.

aA said...

Tex, you are truly a naturalized Texan! I don't care where you came from, or how much you dislike skunk, you're OK by the Geezer!

Trixie said...

Every time this year I tell Steve: This is the reason why we moved here.