Friday, February 22, 2008

Martha’s Birthday

It has been a whole year since I informed all of you about Martha’s birthday. Well, this morning marks another one. She deserves every gift she gets.

Except the first one I gave her this morning. It was a heart attack. Or at least the beginnings of one. I presented her with a REAL gift as soon as her pulse rate got back into the normal range.

This in no way gives her a pass for all the torture she put me through in church or other “quiet zone” activities through the years.

I spoke with my Dad this morning, and told him, “Happy Birthday to Your Daughter!” He laughed and said he was thinking about it yesterday. “It seems like just last month,” he said.

“I got to the hospital just as they were coming off the elevator and I just cried. The nurse asked what was wrong, and I told them, ‘That’s my baby’”.

Happy Birthday, Martha!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, baby bubby!!
Mother informed me that Daddy cried when he saw me for the first time because I was so U G L Y !!!
I called them this morning to thank them for 'adopting' me anyway!
Love you always.
I DID NOT torture you... much ;) or enough!

aA said...

Well, I still appreciate that you were the one that defended me when I was a newborn; GranMommy said that I looked like a little monkey, and you got mad!

And yes, you DID torture me quite a lot, thankyouverymuch!

invigilator_tex said...

Ah siblings. Those of us who are blessed with them most of the time wished to be only children. But the bonds and alliances formed over a lifetime are so often the very strongest. Being the oldest of six kids makes me an expert sibling you know. There are still days when I’d like to crack a noggin or two, but mostly I miss seeing them every day, and I love each of them enough to put up with their regular visits to my house, even WHEN it falls during my precious spring break.
It’s all good, huh Geez?
Oh yeah, and you STILL look like a monkey; well, more like the missing link I think.

Rob V. said...

BINGO !!! The Missing Link -- been searching for a long time for an apt description for aA, and that's it: The Missing Link. Wonder who misplaced him?