Friday, February 01, 2008

Wordy Guy V

You thought I'd forgotten about "Wordy Guy", didn't you. Well everybody knows the rules, so no cheating, answer in the comments, and San Jac folks, if you saw Rob's original email and already know the answer, you are not eligible for the sizable cash prize.

1. A small constellation near the larger Orion constellation

2. Prayer

3. Proper Latin name for an insect native to Australia, commonly called the Prickly Walking Stick

I'll post the answer on Monday.

OK, so it's Monday, and although the two early commentors raised the level of optimism I allowed myself, the voting/guessing is closed with BOTH entries with the correct definition.

"Cactus" is our bragging rights winner for this round of Wordy Guy, and I hope next time, more of you will actually venture a guess.

You're killing me, you know that, don't you?


cactus said...

1. Prayer?
2.My hair always looks windblown
3.Yes, I was sorry to see that Cindy was leaving, too
4.I like boiled peanuts, which many may find disgusting
5.Speaking of which I also like Jnb tacos, must be something about soggy foods.
6. the Naked Rib and Bubba's Buffalo burgers are at the top of my list of new places to try!
7. thanks for reminding me, my inspection is out of date

la femme geezzette said...

apiritual communique